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Ready for sweet relief?

Mom-dom is full of joy, love, and (reality check) plenty of frustrations and fear. For the days you are having breastfeeding discomfort, low milk supply, perineal or hemorrhoid pain— Rachel’s Remedy brings the relief. Because our products are created for you, by a mom that’s been right where you’re sitting.
Ready for sweet relief?

2018 Best new product for moms award winner!

Our award winning Down There Relief Packs soothe pain and swelling from hemorrhoids, childbirth, and more with our one-of-a-kind contoured design for optimal fit in hard to reach places. Our Down There Relief Packs are ideal for anyone suffering from pain, down there.
2018 Best new product for moms award winner!

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"Rachel’s Remedy changes the entire breastfeeding experience providing fast and continuing relief for breastfeeding problems and sore breasts."

– Cynthia E. Oppenheimer, IBCLC

The only product on the market that allows you to use moist heat. This is an amazing product. Since we know that wet heat is many times a more effective treatment for clogged ducts and mastitis, this is an exciting new product. It also allows you to do dry heat and also cold therapy. A marvelous new product for mastitis, clogged ducts, and breast discomfort."

– Michelle L., Certified Lactation Counselor

"It's what moms dealing with these discomforts have been waiting to arrive on the market!... This product is the answer to our problems."

– -The Exclusively Pumping Mom

"…I'm battling mastitis right now and a reoccurring clog, so far I'm loving it... I love that I can have moist heat without having to put a washcloth in a baggie down my bra. It also holds the heat really well, I had it on for over an hour this morning and it was still warm..."

– Jenna Kresa, Amazon review

I love your product. The design is perfect! I really think Rachel's Remedy is a terrific product. It's clever design allows you to use it hot or cold and has a convenient way to add moist heat if desired. I would definitely recommend Rachel's Remedy to any nursing mother experiencing symptoms that require heat or cool compresses, such as clogged ducts and mastitis.

– Deanna G., RN, IBCLC, Hospital Lactation Consultant

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