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"I often recommend Rachel’s Remedy, a uniquely designed, flax filled, moist heat or cold pack, to my lactation patients who need to resolve a variety of common breastfeeding difficulties. Rachel’s Remedy is an amazing, easy-to-use, product that can be warmed to assist with increasing milk flow, engorged breasts, plugged ducts and mastitis. Or, it can be used cold to soothe sore nipples, blebs and blisters. Because of its creative design, the pad is very safe and simple to use and re-use for busy moms. Rachel’s Remedy changes the entire breastfeeding experience providing fast and continuing relief for breastfeeding problems and sore breasts."

- Cynthia E. Oppenheimer, IBCLC

"These are AMAZING!! When I'm engorged or just feeling tender or sensitive, these work wonders! They are great warm, and hold the heat for quite a while. The cold packs work great too! I also LOVE they have a waterproof sleeve, so they can be used over and over and you just wipe the sleeve down if there is leakage. I HIGHLY recommend these to ANYONE who is breastfeeding! They are awesome!"
"Feels AMAZING when you are battling those clogs and frustrating breast pain times that are so common especially in the early weeks of breastfeeding. No one mentions but this can be some of the worst pain you’ll ever feel. The inserts for these are better than a regular hot pad or rice bag, since they are shaped to form around the nipple. And I like the wet heat - shockingly helpful. I have used these a few times and each time it’s been a godsend to help breast pain."
- RH, Amazon Verified Review

"Best product for nursing moms, ever! This really works to increase milk supply and relieve clogged ducts. All breastfeeding moms should have Rachel's Remedy. I've tried everything else and this is by far the best. Amazing!"                               

BM, Amazon Verified Review

Tuesday night I woke up at 2:30 with a clogged duct... My first time. It was HORRIBLE! I had been debating on this product before but didn't really want to spend the $30. Well in my pain I did an impulse buy AND paid $10 to have it shipped in two days... I was now fighting low supply... I started using the pads last night for the first time. This morning for my first pump at work I used the pad before my session and let me tell you it was amazing! I pumped an extra ounce! I was amazed! So don't think about it. Just order it!

- Lauren R., Facebook

"These were recommended to me by my doctor and they have made all the difference. With my second bout with mastitis, I couldn't bear the thought for sitting around with the wet washcloths and heating pad again. I was so tired of sitting around feeling soggy with damp shirts knowing I had so much to do. Rachel’s Remedy was perfect and easy-I just slipped it into my bra and instant relief. It stayed warm, clothes stayed dry and I could still move around and get everything done. These really helped me stick with my breastfeeding plan. I just ordered more to keep in the freezer. They are also great for boo-boos and muscle soreness."

- SCH, Amazon Review

"I went about 7 or 8 hours overnight while my little man slept through his first night and I woke up so engorged. These relief packs were so, so soothing and the warm compress helped the milk flowing right away. I'd recommend to any nursing mom."

-Steph from New York, Babies-R-Us Review

I highly recommend these. Before buying them, I had issues completely draining and I would end up getting clogged ducts or I would barely get anything out while pumping. I found 30 seconds per pad works better for me than the recommended 20 seconds. I place them in my bra for about 10-15 minutes (or until they cool) and have found that when I pump I get anywhere from 2-4 ounces more than without using them.

-  A. Moore, Facebook

"I used these when I got my first clogged duct and the moist heat was very relieving but also helped get the milk flowing. It was much easier than re-wetting a hot washcloth every 5 minutes. I actually use them at work all the time too - they are very discreet and fit right into your bra. GREAT product!"  

- Steph, Review

"I have struggled with clogged ducts and low milk flow and I have tried every product on the market. Rachel’s Remedy is a gift to nursing women everywhere!! I bought Rachel’s Remedy at a lactation supply store, and am so glad I did. My clogged duct cleared up in 24 hours, and the moist heat pads really have helped increase my milk supply. I use them right before feeding or pumping. I love this product!!!"

- Citymom27, Amazon Review  

"The only product on the market that allows you to use moist heat. This is an amazing product. Since we know that wet heat is many times a more effective treatment for clogged ducts and mastitis, this is an exciting new product. It also allows you to do dry heat and also cold therapy. A marvelous new product for mastitis, clogged ducts, and breast discomfort."

- Michelle L., Certified Lactation Counselor

"It's what moms dealing with these discomforts have been waiting to arrive on the market!... This product is the answer to our problems."  

- The Exclusively Pumping Mom

"…I'm battling mastitis right now and a reoccurring clog, so far I'm loving it... I love that I can have moist heat without having to put a washcloth in a baggie down my bra. It also holds the heat really well, I had it on for over an hour this morning and it was still warm..."

- Jenna Kresa, Amazon Review

"The only product on the market that allows you to use moist heat. This is an amazing product. Since we know that wet heat is many times a more effective treatment for clogged ducts and mastitis, this is an exciting new product. It also allows you to do dry heat and also cold therapy. A marvelous new product for mastitis, clogged ducts, and breast discomfort."

- Michelle L., Certified Lactation Counselor

"It is so convenient and easy to use! This pillow kept heat for hours! It is well put together and one of the best products to help breastfeeding ailments around that I have tried! This is a fantastic product that I think every breastfeeding mother should have! This is also very reasonably priced!"

- Crystyn Haun

"Thank goodness I found Rachel's Remedy - they were a lifesaver! They were so soothing through the pain of mastitis, and then whenever I felt a clog coming on, I used them before it could turn into a bigger problem. Love that I could have hands-free moist heat in my bra, without having to get my clothing wet. When I was pumping while traveling for work, and then later weaning my baby, they really helped me through the pain of engorgement. Now I buy them for all of my pregnant/breastfeeding mama friends."

- KLZ, Review

"I love your product. The design is perfect! I really think Rachel's Remedy is a terrific product. It's clever design allows you to use it hot or cold and has a convenient way to add moist heat if desired. I would definitely recommend Rachel's Remedy to any nursing mother experiencing symptoms that require heat or cool compresses, such as clogged ducts and mastitis."

- Deanna G., RN, IBCLC, Hospital Lactation Consultant

"Rachel's Remedy is such a fabulous product! I was given this as a gift after having a baby and it was one of the best products that I received. Rachel's Remedy is compact and helped relieve soreness between feedings. It is super convenient to take with you and great for moms on the go. Highly recommended for nursing moms!"

- Anonymous, Amazon Review

"I love this product for on the go relief. It's incredibly convenient and works wonders for breastfeeding discomfort. I highly recommend this product!"  

- Jen, Review

"Absolutely loved using Rachel's Remedy. Felt it helped the plugged duct milk flow more easily within less than 24 hours of using it. Plus, it was soooooo soothing and really made the pain and discomfort of mastitis easier to bear. If I had to get mastitis, I’m glad I got it now!"

- Kelly Z., Buffalo, New York

"After having mastitis two times and struggling to overcome several clogged ducts, these were a godsend. I tried everything and anything everyone recommended to no avail. Within one or two uses, my clog ducts felt so much better. They were wonderful in helping to reach the hard to massage areas, like the under area. I highly recommend to have these on hand when you give birth. I wish I had them sooner!"

- EMK, Amazon review 

"I love Rachel's Remedy! Rachel's Remedy is the best, I had mastitis and a lot of engorgement and clogged ducts. Now that I have my Rachel's Remedy, I don't have mastitis anymore!!! No more engorgement or clogged ducts. Thank you, Rachel’s Remedy!!"

- Elii Sanchez Mendoza, San Diego, CA

"I'm recommending this to everyone who breastfeeds! Oh, Rachel! I received my package yesterday and it is amazing! It kept its heat for more than FOUR HOURS! I am suggesting this to everyone who breastfeeds! Thank you so very much."

- Keri Stemplewski Misson, Pittsburgh, PA

"These are absolutely AMAZING! Engorgement is one of the worse pains I have ever felt and nothing relives engorgement like these pads. I used them warm to help milk flow and relief engorgement - baby wouldn't latch properly on my engorged breasts and it was so painful for the first few minutes of breast-feeding until I came across Rachel's Remedy! You want to have these BEFORE you give birth! They help from day 1!"

- Just a mom, Amazon Review

"Thanks for such a great product! My little boy came 4 weeks early so he had trouble latching so I was pumping for him and my supply was great!! Then a friend suggested trying a nipple shield and he started latching! Yay! But when I would pump I noticed a significant decrease in my supply plus some breast pain even when not nursing...I started using Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs and my supply has increased and the pain has dissipated! Thank you! Will remain a customer and suggest it to my friends!"

- Michelle, Hilliard Ohio

"I cannot imagine breastfeeding as long as I have without Rachel's Remedy. I wish I had known about this sooner - I would have put it on my baby registry. The therapy packs are so amazing and have helped to increase my milk flow so much. When I use them before I pump, my milk flow has literally doubled. And they have been amazing to help unclog clogged ducts. Love, love, LOVE this product so much!"

- Mommatime, Amazon Review

"Rachel's Remedy is a wonderful product and has made my job easier! No longer do I feel guilty about giving overwhelmed and exhausted parents "one more thing to do" when my care plan includes warm moist heat prior to every feeding or pumping. With Rachel's Remedy I know at least one aspect of my care plan has just been made easier and that the product will stay warm, feel comfortable and produce the therapeutic effect that mother needs. As a private practice IBCLC I am frequently recommending warm moist heat or cool compresses for a variety of issues from building mom's milk supply, comfort with engorgement or massaging out clogged ducts or mastitis. The shape and size are perfect to slip into her bra and wear inconspicuously and no more wet and leaking plastic bags! Thank you Rachel's Remedy!"

- Deanna Galkiewicz, RN., IBCLC

"This product changed everything about the way I breastfeed. I had mastitis when I had my first child, and with my second, I've been haunted by clogged ducts. I was so desperate not to get mastitis that I did everything my doctor ordered – long hot baths, wet cloths, no bra even – and it was AWFUL. Then my friend told me about these and let me tell you, there SO INCREDIBLE. They have made my milk flow better and I'm haunted by clogged ducts no more! Buy them for all the new mothers you know!"

- Chicagomom, Amazon Review