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Rachel's Remedy Down There Relief Pack

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Guys and gals - Hemorrhoids, episiotomies, perineal pain, and discomfort can stop you in your tracks. Our Down There Relief Pack provides relief and is so soothing, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Winner of the Best New Product for Moms award (don't worry guys, it works for you too!), our Down There Relief Pack is specially contoured to get to those hard to reach spots for the optimal fit.

- Sit right on the gel pack for discreet relief.

- Can be used cold or hot for relief your way.

- Features one-of a kind design that fits your body.

- Works to sooth pain, itching and swelling.

- Contoured for optimal fit.

- Comes with 10 disposable sleeves.

- For men and women!

Free Shipping in the U.S.!

Winner of the "Best New Product for Moms" award! 


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