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Rachel's Remedy Breast Relief Packs (2-pack)

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Breastfeeding is great for you and your baby, but that doesn’t mean it's always easy. Our Breast Relief Packs are a breastfeeding mom's essential. Get all the amazing benefits of moist heat without the mess. Our Relief Packs fit right in your bra for hands-free relief while clothes stay dry. Our patented, FDA-cleared breast relief packs are part of your new-mama toolkit:

Use for moist-heat or cooling relief. Fits discreetly into your bra to help:

  • Increase milk supply
  • Encourage let down
  • Prevent mastitis
  • Relieve nipple pain, clogged ducts, mastitis, and engorgement
  • Soothe general pain and discomfort.
  • Reusable and all-natural
Why moist heat?
Moist heat is recommended for a huge range of problems, and it’s the gold-standard for relieving the most common issues that can come up at any point during breastfeeding. These problems include engorgement, mastitis, clogged ducts, milk blebs, low milk supply, slow let-down, as well as general discomfort and soreness.

The science behind it is actually pretty simple. Heat helps a lot of different types of aches and pains, but moist heat works best because of its ability to penetrate the skin more deeply than dry heat, which increases circulation and speeds up healing. A rapid rise in skin temperature increases blood circulation to the targeted area, and increased circulation is what encourages healing as well as stimulation for faster let-down and increased milk flow. In other words, moist heat takes advantage of the body’s self-healing capabilities and simply speeds up the process. 

Moist heat makes all the difference!

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