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Breastfeeding & Childbirth Essentials Kit - Best new mom present, ever! (She'll thank you forever)

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Get all three and save. The perfect gift for yourself or any new mom - the gift of relief! Send us a note if it's a gift and we'll wrap it for free. 

Our Breastfeeding Relief Packs are a mom’s essential and fit discreetly in your bra, for hands-free relief. They are the only FDA-Cleared moist heat or cooling relief packs available, and help increase milk supply, relieve clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement, nipple pain and other pain and discomfort, and can also help prevent mastitis.

Our Antimicrobial Nursing Pads are ultra-absorbent and are made of luxurious organic cotton sherpa and are the only nursing pads that have silver ions to prevent and stop the growth of bacteria and microbes, like yeast. The silver ions help to prevent Thrush.

Our newest product, The Down There Relief Pack, is for men and women, and provides soothing relief for hemorrhoids, postpartum pain, episiotomies, exercise, and any other pain associated with the perineum. It is a patented, contoured gel pack that fits those hard to reach places. Our Down There Relief Pack is so soothing, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It won the Best New Product For Moms award for 2018.

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