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Rachel's Story

I started Rachel's Remedy while I was breastfeeding, managing my law firm and more importantly, managing being a new mom. I wondered how I would manage it all. I now have two totally adorable boys, ages 9 and 11. When my first son was born, it was more amazing and magical than I ever imagined. 

A better way...However, as most women do, I also experienced discomfort and pain from breastfeeding, and eventually had clogged ducts and mastitis. My doctor recommended I hold warm, wet washcloths (or diapers!) in place for 20-minute intervals numerous times per day. It was impractical and mostly impossible. While holding the washcloths in place, I was unable to wear clothes because they got wet, I was unable to care for my children, work or perform any function that required both hands. Not to mention, the washcloths needed constant reheating. A doctor even recommended that I lean into bowls of warm water on my kitchen counter, and just comfortably "hang out" there for as long as possible. Ummmm.... no. Seriously? I've ready about every remedy under the sun - literally - cabbage leaves anyone? 

I knew there had to be a better way — a solution that offers moms the comfort and freedom we need and deserve. That’s when I put my career as a lawyer on the side and devoted my attention to finding a solution that helps moms breastfeed or pump more comfortably and conveniently, while
enjoying the freedom to take care of all those other things moms need to do - and even wear clothes that stay dry (imagine that!).

And that’s how Rachel's Remedy got started. Since our very first product launched- our Breast Relief Packs, we’ve launched our Antimicrobial Nursing Pads, and our new Down There Relief Pack- an award winner, for "Best New Product For Moms". And as one of the most appreciated new mom gifts ever- we have The Whole Kit and Kaboodle- all 3 in one, as the ultimate gift pack.

We are continuing to grow our product line to provide you with more relief in more places. I love helping people feel better and I love what I do. Your posts and reviews tell me every day that it’s helping. And that makes it all worthwhile.

We are here for you. Please join our community of breastfeeding moms on social media for more support, ideas and baby-related articles that keep you in the know. Our blogs are well-researched, based on clinical data, and informative - so please enjoy. 

Please keep your comments coming- we love knowing we’ve helped bring relief, and we love hearing what solutions you’re still looking for. We’re here to help!

Happy Breastfeeding!

President, Rachel's Remedies, LLC

The Rachel's Remedy Family