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Rachel's Remedies Welcomed to C.A.R.E. Code Alliance!

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If there’s one thing we want everyone to know about Rachel’s Remedies it’s this: We genuinely care about the health and well-being of mothers and their babies. We want women to breastfeed comfortably and to have the ability to prevent and relieve breastfeeding problems so they are able to nurse their children for as long as they choose.

Today we are very proud to announce that Rachel’s Remedies has officially been accepted to the C.A.R.E. Code Corporate Alliance. This alliance is through the Best for Babes Foundation, and is “the first-ever alliance of companies, professionals, and organizations to put positive pressure on the Booby Traps® to help make the 360-degree world around expecting and new moms safe, supportive and positive. In hospitals and health providers’ offices, in stores and public spaces, at work and among friends and family, our Allies are making a long-term investment in protecting healthy infant feeding and are positioned as trustworthy for expecting moms, new parents, and the public.” Find out more about them here.

This is a trusted seal, given only to companies that truly protect healthy infant feeding - which aligns perfectly with our core mission at Rachel’s Remedies.

Thanks to Best for Babes, co-founder, Danielle Rigg who has this to say about welcoming us into the Alliance:

"We are delighted to welcome Rachel's Remedy to the C.A.R.E. Code Corporate Alliance.  This company is the embodiment of our C.A.R.E. criteria of, C: Cheering and encouraging moms with positive messages.

A: Accepting, accommodating and non- judgmental about parents’ feeding decisions.
R: Referring to or recommending expert lactation help as appropriate.
E: Evidence-based information is the standard in all communications.    We look forward to promoting Rachel's Remedy to our followers as a company that supports healthy infant feeding."

We are so thrilled to join all the Alliance companies supporting the health of moms and babies!

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