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Introducing Rachel's Remedy Moist Heat Relief for Breastfeeding Moms

I created Rachel’s Remedy when I was a nursing mother.  While nursing my boys, I experienced painful clogged ducts and quickly realized that there were no products available to me, and to other nursing mothers, that provided breast pain relief without sacrificing mobility and the ability to keep my clothes dry and comfortable.

Until now, the only effective treatment for many breastfeeding conditions was to apply warm, wet washcloths for 20-minute intervals several times per day.

While applying the warm wet washcloths, I was unable to wear clothes because they would get soaking wet, I was unable to care for my children, work, or perform any function with both hands.  The wet washcloth got cold very quickly and needed constant reheating.

All I could think was that there must be a better way.  Now there is. With Rachel's Remedy, women no longer have to choose between caring for their children and treating breastfeeding conditions.

I wish I had this product while I was nursing my babies.

Rachel’s Remedy soothes pain and symptoms, while enabling you to get on with your day. It’s about time.

Made in the USA | Patent Pending | FDA Cleared


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