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One of the very best things about our work is that we get to meet some pretty amazing people. Not just pregnant and breastfeeding moms (and their adorable babies!), but also the people who have made breastfeeding their business and have come up with amazing ways to support breastfeeding women.

We were so excited to meet Priya Nembhard and learn about how she co-founded the app Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator. Most nursing moms relate to the struggle of not being able to find a private, clean (no public bathrooms please!) space to pump or breastfeed. Using the Moms Pump Here App, you can find, rate and sharing nursing room locations almost anywhere in the world! There are about 5,000 locations internationally, with more being added and rated all the time. Not only that - the health and wellness of moms is the core of Moms Pump Here, and they’ve got a great website full of useful and interesting information for moms.

Co-founders Priya Nembhard and Kim Harrison were inspired to start Moms Pump Here after Kim had a terrible experience pumping in a dirty bathroom. Kim and Priya decided something had to be done. They both believe a woman should have the choice to breastfeed in public or private, and without discrimination or harassment. The result? Their app is now helping breastfeeding women all over the world.

We had a few questions for Priya about Moms Pump Here and her general perspective about breastfeeding - check out our interview below!

RR: A few years ago, very few people were talking about the fact that women often don't have access to clean lactation spaces. Women seemed to just accept that they had to make due with what was available. Why do you think there's more attention today on providing clean lactation spaces for nursing moms?

PN: I think moms all agree that if you are not going to eat or prepare a meal on a toilet why should a nursing mom? So many of us including myself have gone through this. If there are facilities for pets and lounges for men, why can’t accommodations be made for moms? We are the largest consumer group next to pets and we drive the household. In 2016 there should be access for moms everywhere. Since we launched Moms Pump Here we've seen a huge increase in nursing friendly locations around the world.

RR: A lot of apps provide a useful solution to a problem, but your company goes above and beyond just delivering a solution - you also provide a lot of resources and content. Can you tell us a little more about the type of content women can get from your website, and why you provide that for them?

PN: In addition to accessing thousands of nursing friendly locations on the Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator App, moms can read Kim's "Moms Blog" and the "#thePINKLife" blog. Kim's blog highlights a lot of her experiences as a mom and #thePINKLife is more about lifestyle and our partners.

We also have a YouTube show, #thePINKLife and YouTube Mom Tips, which moms can access on the website. We are now on the 2nd season of #thePINKLife. Myself and 2 co-hosts, Kim and Super Sue talk about lots of nursing mom topics, tips and our own experiences as moms. We also feature our sponsors and products on our show.

RR: There are many countries currently using your app - do you find different countries are less or more supportive of breastfeeding moms? In what ways?

PN: Yes, Singapore and Japan, just to name a couple are VERY nursing mom friendly. They don't just provide a chair behind a curtain or a movable room, they go all out for nursing room accommodations with lots of room, privacy, running water, comfort and more!

RR: It seems like MPH spreads very organically, with moms wanting to join, share with friends, and add and review new locations. Why do you think that is?

PN: Moms trust other moms. They will share resources with their friends and online communities they think are really good. We've also improved the lifestyle of moms in the US alone by providing this important APP for them.

Thank you Priya for answering our questions, and thanks to you and Kim for providing such a great resource for breastfeeding women!

Find the Moms Pump Here website: here
Download the app: iTunes  Google Play

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